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Our Ambassadors

  • Selda Kul Basturk Turkey

    Selda is an ESL teacher. She has Master Degree on Educational Sciences and Curriculum. She worked for the TV Channel of Turkish National Ministry. She is using technology in lessons and has been giving webinars on using web 2.0. tools throughout Turkiye. She was selected as Global Teacher in 2020.

  • Dr. Barbara De Aymerich Spain

    Dr. Barbara de Aymerich is a specialist in integrated STEAM education since childhood. She directs the School for Little Scientists Espiciencia. She is also a professor of Didactics of Science at the university and a science communicator.

  • DR. ULYSSES YU Philippines

    Dr. Ulysses Yu, an “Inspirational Teacher of the Year Award” winner believes that teaching is more than just imparting knowledge but inspiring people to believe in themselves, so they can do what they are supposed to do in their own little ways. They will then become better and their light will shine the brightest one day.

  • MS. SANDRA GRUJEVSKA North Macedonia

    Sandra is an English Language and Literature Professor, Speech Communication Instructor and Career Counselor at University American College Skopje. Founder of Language Center Step by Step in Skopje.

  • Ms. Amal Aboumouslim Morocco

    A primary school teacher, she invented new methods for children with learning difficulties, the most important of which is the super multiplication table and an innovative code to learn the alphabets from the first time.

  • Prof. Antonio Curci Italy

    Prof. Antonio Curci is a teacher of Computer Science at Institute of technology “Panetti Pitagora” of Bari (Italy). He is a journalist-columnist at the newspaper la Repubblica-Bari where he writes about school and youth. He is a specialist and teacher trainer in Media Education. He is scientific technical coordinator of the ITS academy “Apulia Digital Maker”.

  • Ms. Mirian Galán Marques Spain

    An Educator with more than 20 years of experience, founder of the education and leisure platform Supereducalandia, speech therapist and all above passionate about education and all that education implies, and passionate about my way of living, working and talking.

  • Khangelani Sibiya South Africa

    Dr. Khangelani Wilmoth Sibiya, he is Deputy Principal at the KwaZulu Natal Department of Education and Global Teacher Award 2019 winner.He continues to inspire many of his colleagues to change their teaching techniques from the traditional way of teaching into the integrated and learner focused way of teaching Sibiya is an exceptional individual who is impacting thousands of lives through education.

  • Mohammed Galal Md. Elkhalea Qatar

    Mohammed Galal is an EFL Teacher and high studies researcher in Curriculum planning and Methodology. He is a Global Teacher Award winner 2019 and has been selected as an ambassador for many global educational organizations. He is a global speaker and provides workshops in eLearning, methodology, and assessment.

  • Ms. DHOUHA JEMAI Tunisia

    Dhouha Jemai a computer science teacher and professional development specialist with a focus on mentoring and coaching teachers globally. She has been active in learning innovation for 16 years and passionate about inclusive learning, digital practice and enabling others to achieve their potential through education.


    She is an English teacher with 25 years of professional experience in High School. She is author of 3 English grammar books and also a globally renowned Teacher Trainer .

  • Eyad Alsouqi Palestine

    He is a teacher of Technology in Jenin primary Boy's School, Palestine With teaching experience of sixteen years. He has implemented many projects inside Palestine from 2013 to 2021 interactive education project And the production of interactive books that serve the basic stage. He founded the Palestinian Microsoft team.

  • Abdallah Wahbi Morocco

    he is working as Primary School Teacher in Almassira Alkhadra in Morocco and Global Teacher Award 2019 winner. He has done various National and International training to upgrade his knowledge sphere. He is also renowned educational trainer in his country. He was honoured by his majesty king Mohamed VI with the royal order of National Merit of the excellent class. He digitalizes the remote school in Tiznit Directorate and integrated the ICT in classrooms.

  • Dr. Selcuk Yusuf Arslan Turkey

    Selçuk Arslan believes that each student has a talent. Being a doctorate candidate in education administration, he also gives great importance to talent management. He tries to get to know his students by making observations and taking time out of school for them.

  • Lamees Gouda Ameen Egypt

    She is a teacher of English in Mostafa Kamel Official Language School, Egypt.As ICT trainer, she trains educators around Egypt to redesign their existing lessons and learning activities to build students' 21st century skills. She believes that students around the world need advanced skills to succeed in the globalized, knowledge-based world of today.


    A Global Teacher Award winner 2021 who believes that impossible can be turned into possible. Project method is her favorite to cooperate with students. Using ICT tools she takes them for virtual trips around the world. She believes that school might be like theatre where everything might happen.

  • Dr. Miguel Angel Queiruga Dios Spain

    Dr. Miguel Ángel Queiruga is a teacher with a great career working with teams of high school students, Always encouraging and motivating their students to take another step in learning science. Always willing to participate in teaching-learning and educational research projects.

  • Elem Goktas Turkey

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  • Maria Palma Garcia Spain

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  • Monika Gupta India

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  • Huseyin Dusbudak Turkey

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  • Nasrin Sultana Bangladesh


  • Abeer Shahin Jordan

    A creative English teacher in a Primary school, A Global Teacher Award winner 2020, who believes in modern methods of teaching such as Montessori, active learning and Digital transformation in education as one of the modern education solutions that aim to exchange experiences between teachers and empower them professionally and digitally.

  • Dejan Nemcic Croatia

    Professor of geography at the Elementary School in Croatia. A reformer, an enthusiast, a teacher who wants to enable his students to be educated in the 21.st century. In addition to teaching in Croatia, he also spends part of the year in African schools where he teaches children.

  • Gizem Cakal Turkiye

    Gizem Cakal is An EFL teacher with 17 years experience. She is also a Phd. Candidate on Educational Administration and Supervision. Interested in PBL and digitalization of education, she is one of the Global Teacher Award 2019 Awardees.

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