Nominations Open for 2023


Global Faculty Award is a benchmark in faculty quality. Wining this award means being a part of league of faculties of high calibre & high repute.

Only the faculties with a minimum of 2 years of experience can apply for this award, if you are less than that wait for some more time.

No, there’s no any fee for nomination.

This awards is for the faculties who are performing well. After nominations are received, selections will be purely based on merit.

Yes, it is a mandatory part of Nomination Process to get recommended by 5 other faculties/peers who may be from your institute or any other institute of the world. While filling up the Nomination Form, you have to give name, mobile no, email id, designation & institution name of 5 faculties.

Give the details of those 5 faculties/peers who you trust and will be happy to recommend you, keep on checking the status of Faculty Recommendations under the header NOMINATION PROGRESS but if some of has not recommended you, talk to them to check whether they received link, you can resend the link using Email, SMS & WhatsApp from our website only, you can request a few more faculties at the same place.


First you have to Register on GFA Website with your Mobile number & Email ID, an email will go you ID with a verification link, click that link to verify, a message will appear that you have successfully registered with AKS Education Awards Website and it will take you to Login Page, now login again to fill Nomination Form for GLOBAL FACULTY AWARD 2023.


After registration is verified and complete, you be have to fill in Nomination will have following sections:

Section 1: Nomination Form; Personal Details, Professional Details & Self Nomination

Section 2: Photo Upload

Section 3: Self Evaluation: Self-rating from 1 to 5 on 10 Parameters.

Section 4: Recommendation by 5 Peer/Faculties

After submitting Self-nomination form, login again and in you dashboard on the right side Edit Nomination Form will be there under the Head of NOIMNATION PROGRESS, click on the link and your form will open in editable format.

Technically you can apply independently but it is better to take permission of the institution.

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